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My consulting helps you lay the foundation for the success of your new business, new product or service launch, or growth of your established brand. Success comes in the truest sense when a business is both a source of creative fulfillment for the owners and team, and a vehicle for offering exceptional value to the marketplace. Together we’ll navigate to that convergence through vision, strategy, and communications, to create a business that is joyful to operate, desired by your customers, and financially fruitful.


My consulting is a combination of inner exploration and business strategy. It’s about understanding both the innovative and human components of your business in order to develop a resonant, loved, and successful brand that is empowering to you, your team, and your customers.

Lee is an international business leader and entrepreneur. He has built three companies in his twenties, and was former Marketing Director for an $8M CPG brand partnered with Costco, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Target. He was also the Branding Director for an LA-based marketing agency, where he built brand strategies for some of the world’s premier thought leaders.

As a consultant, Lee has serviced a wide range of industries, from tech startups to $400M auto manufacturing brands. He brings expertise in value strategy, branding, team management, and personal development, to offer effective solutions for diverse business challenges that align organizations more powerfully to their missions, customer promises, and team happiness.

Lee also teaches Paul Ferrini’s Healing Your Life work, which teaches people how to love themselves and others unconditionally, heal childhood wounds, and step into their power and purpose.


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Film & TV Actors

Auto Manufacturing


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    Based in Santa Monica, CA