Incubation and Strategy for New Businesses or New Offerings

Hone your message, find your direction, and speak from the heart of your business

Charting a course for your new business or new offering within your existing business takes clear visioning, a sound strategy, and a foundation for communicating the essence of your business in resonant ways.

This program is structured to offer the essential components that entrepreneurs need to develop or strengthen their core strategies in a simple, clear, and effective process.

My Incubation and Strategy consulting consists of three pillars:

  1. Vision and Purpose – Clarifying your vision and the core purpose of your business.
  2. Value Strategy – Understanding your product’s unique value offering to customers and charting a clear path forward that anticipates challenges and positions you in the marketplace to succeed. This program will support you and your team in developing a powerful strategy for delivering an innovative value that ignites desire in your customers and leads to financial abundance.
  3. Communication – Setting the communications foundation for your brand that articulates the most important elements of your business in engaging ways. Upon completion of this process, you will be able to clearly and succinctly communicate what you do, why you do it, and how it’s exceptionally valuable to others. This will deepen and intensify your resonance with your audience and help you entice new customers.

These three components are crucial to developing the foundation for a financially successful and personally fulfilling venture. When you’re clear on your vision, confident in your strategy, and empowered with your speech and communications, you have laid the groundwork for the success of your business.

Consulting Structure:

  • Incubation and Vision – 1 Session
  • Strategy – 3 Sessions
  • Communications – 2 Sessions

Total Project = 6 Sessions over 6 Weeks (2 hours/Session)

Branding Strategy

Create an authentic and resonant brand that engages your audience and grows your business

Whether you are starting from scratch or seeking to re-brand, my consulting will support you in growing your business and deepening your brand’s resonance and power with your audience.

I help business owners create authentic, resonate brands that engage their customers on rational, emotional, and intuitive levels, so their brand becomes the go-to solution for their people.

To create a powerful brand, I’ll help you:

  • Communicate your core mission and purpose clearly.
  • Position your brand to succeed in the marketplace.
  • Articulate how your product or service specifically benefits others, how it’s innovative, and how it’s uniquely valuable over the competition.
  • Express what makes your product or service meaningful to your organization and to your people.

When your brand articulates these components clearly and succinctly, you lay the foundation for a truly successful brand that is desired and loved.

There are two ways to Play:

Branding Incubator Course

Learn to create your stellar brand identity by following a simple, clear, yet powerful course that will help you articulate your business’s core message, value proposition, and unique edge. This cost-effective course is great for solopreneurs and those seeking to uplevel their communications and resonance with their audience and entice new customers. This course concludes with a 2-hour one-on-one video call with me!

One-on-One Consulting

Receive VIP consulting to craft your company’s brand strategy through a dynamic and powerful process. My one-on-one branding consulting follows this structure:

Branding Strategy Consulting Structure:

  • Brand Identity – 4 Sessions (2 hours/Session)
  • Implementation – 2 Sessions (2 hours/Session)
  • Total Project = 6 sessions (12 hours) over 3-6 weeks

Executive Advisory

Receive high-level Advisory to move through personal and strategic roadblocks to open to new opportunities for personal and financial growth

Running a business challenges us in profound ways, not only intellectually and creatively, but personally and emotionally. It can be difficult to see the forest through the trees. However, taking a step back to re-evaluate your vision, reconnect with your purpose, and identify the strongest course of action going forward is essential to keeping your business thriving and your mental health vibrant.

Through ongoing sessions, my advisory supports owners and C-level executives workshop through challenges that affect the overall function, wellbeing, and operations of their business to align more powerfully to customer promises, stakeholder interests, and personal fulfillment.

No great business is built from solely the mind or heart. It is built from both – from sound strategy and the courage to follow our gut. Heart and intellect comprise the two key components of fruitful business and effective leadership. This work supports the integration of these elements that results in personal empowerment and a thriving business.

Consulting Structure:

  • Package A: 1 hour per week for 2 months
  • Package B: 1 hour bi-weekly for 2 months
  • On-Demand Consulting


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